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This is Ocie Farmer at the High Shoals Mill Dam, can any one ID the man, the picture is from about 1930.  click on "Continue" to see the pictures.

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Ocie Farmer married  James "Squire" Wentz. Her son William is a very good friend of mine and I just finished doing his family tree. He has  a copy of this photo and on the back it says the man is Mose (probably Moses) Black.

He also has another photo made at the same time with Ocie and a Fred Lynn.  I don't reconize  him and the only Fred Lynn I have info on was  Fred Daniel Lynn, brother of Rev. J. D. Lynn.  He would have been about Ocie's age.

Thanks Blair, It was February 2012 when Fredia Elmore asked me to post this.  I know she will be happy to hear an answer.   Thanks, Steve

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