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Lutzes Creek Grist Mill

I am currently researching the possible exixtence of a grist mill located on Lutzes Creek in High Shoals. I need your help!

This began after remembering the finding of a mill stone buried within a rubble pile on the creek bank. In 1969 myself and a friend found this while digging for old bottles. The stone would have been the stationary stone in the mill. The rolling stone was not found. Due to the value of antique mill stones I will not give any information on the site on this forum…


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Posting videos on the web site

If you would like to post videos on this web site it is easy to establish a Photobucket account and then download the files here.  Go to Photobucket.com and you can load pictures and videos.  It's free to a point but if you want the mor advanced, it's $30.00 a year to set up your account.  I have used this for about 10 years for a catalyst for posting pictures and videos.

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Bobby Joe Rice

Hi!  My name is Melody Ray Collier.   l grew up in High Shoals on Cherry Street with my grandparents, Burgin and Ruby Sisk, better known as "Nanney & Papa" and my mother Dixie Sisk Barr.  I was saddened to hear the news about what Bobby Joe is going through and so was my mother.  Please know the entire family is deeply in our prayers.  Bobby Joe and his family were our neighbors.  We lived right beside each other!!  I grew up playing with Todd and Angie. I even remember when Bobby Joe jr… Continue

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Bobby Joe

I have know Bobby Joe probably all my life, he is a great person and a great friend, we used to have a lot of fun hanging out at the service station when Him and Jake ran it, those were the good ole days.

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Bobby Joe Rice

I remember Bobby Joe Rice as a good softball player and a great baseball coach. He coached several of the teams I played on as a youngan growing up in High Shoals. Bobby Joe played a big part in my life early on. We had some great ball tems and forged lifetime friendships. God be with you my friend. God bless Judy and all of your family. I have seen the world, but know where my home is, and there is no place like home because of people like Bobby Joe. High Shoals will always be my home. 

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Bob Rice, If you known Bob Rice PLEASE respond to this by adding a "Remember When"

Melea Jimenz writes:


Many of you know Bob Rice and are aware that he is courageously battling kidney cancer.  Bob grew up in High Shoals with my dad, Avery Tucker.  My name is Melea-Tucker Jimenez.  My dad Avery also courageously fought lung cancer and went to be with the Lord on September 10th of 2009.  My mom is Martha Withers Tucker and my Grandparents are Robert & Rudy Tucker and Ralph & Olie Withers, all of High Shoals.


The Rice family lived one…


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To The Great Citizens of High Shoals. With Love Amy Padgett

I thought that my fellow neighbors should be privileged to the article in the Gaston Gazette that will be coming out about the community watch. I sincerely want to see us reach our full potential.
Thanks again for agreeing to do this. Here's the questionaire.

 1.) The first thing I tell a visitor about my hometown is:

2.) I live here because:

3.) How I got interested in what I Community…


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new member seeking information

hello all. i am a descendant of john fulenwider and his son william. if any of you have any information on my family i would appreciate the help. just recently discovered my ancestory and would love to learn more about your town and its history

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anyone in high shoals play ukulele

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Add a picture to your profile

If you hadn't loaded a picture to your profile, please do. It would be nice to see everyone..

Thanks for all the input, it's great to see the site growing. Please feel free to invite other people to join that have High Shoals interest.

H.S. Admin.

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A book "Cotton Mill, Commercial Features" By Daniel Augustus Tompkins

D.A. Tompkins bought the land and water rights in 1892 to build the cotton mill which started production on October 1, 1901. This is a book that he wrote in 1899. The book goes into great detail from the development of the cotton mill village, the raw cotton, the building of the community, building the factory, and the shipping of the finished product world wide. It was reprinted by the Univerity of Michigan Library and can be viewed at the address below..

.click here to view…


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DVD High Shoals, NC The Cotton Mill Years Now available

This DVD is now available at Drums Florist in Lincolnton, NC. Many people have helped to put this project together from donating pictures to stories and information on High Shoals. David Foster was a great help in the project.

Jeffery Lynn Reed was also very helpful in donating his music to the project.

Thanks to all who worked on this window into the past.

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