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These Are String Beans???

These pictures are from the David Foster collection.

"These Are String Beans???" was the title of the July 27, 1956 article in "The Town Crier". From the article: "Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goode and son, David, make a hobby of growing large novelty vegetables. Proof of this fact can readily be seen in the above picture where Mr. Goode is shown holding two of his New Guinea string beans. which have already passed 37" in length. We are told that these beans are edible, but the last we heard the Goodes had not sampled them yet.
In case you would like to see living proof of this outstanding gardening feat, the beans are continuing to grow in the Goode's garden on Cherry Street.
Watch next month's issue of the Town Crier for further developments in the string bean field."

In the August 31, 1956 issue: "Last month we featured a picture of Jack Goode with his New Guinea string beans which at that time had passed 37" in length. To date the beans are continuing to grow and have now passed 46" in length.
Mr. Goode and his Son, David, are shown displaying the beans in the above picture.
Since our last issue the Goodes have eaten some of the beans and we are told that they are quite good."

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