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To The Great Citizens of High Shoals. With Love Amy Padgett

I thought that my fellow neighbors should be privileged to the article in the Gaston Gazette that will be coming out about the community watch. I sincerely want to see us reach our full potential.
Thanks again for agreeing to do this. Here's the questionaire.

 1.) The first thing I tell a visitor about my hometown is:

2.) I live here because:

3.) How I got interested in what I Community Watch

:4.) What is most fulfilling to me about what I do:



1) I love my life and our sweet little town. So proud of all of with us. There is no limit to what we can do when we come together and rise above everything. I just wish that more communities could have the love and friendship we have here 

2) I live here because there is so opportunity and potential for growth.

3) I love this community and wanted to be able to help our citizens with anything they may need. So when officer Crosby approached me I was happy to get involved.

4) The most fulfilling thing is to see our community to change, grow, and move forward with new and exciting pro

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